The DirectContact System

The average prospect receives over 200 pieces of Direct Mail each week, most of it unread. Ads compete for attention with hundreds of others. Emails are deleted without being read. Salespeople spend much of their time prospecting instead of face-to-face selling where it really counts.

It's All About Connection. Targeted Communication. Creating a Dialogue.

Eirc P. Jones & Associates Inc. offers a proven, practical, professional way to increase your sales and make your entire marketing effort more powerful, efficient and cost-effective: the DirectContactâ„¢ System.

Concentrated Campaigns With Proven Results

  • Standout in a crowded marketplace. Positions your organization as the only and obvious choice.
  • Integrates well-defined strategies, highly targeted Direct Mail/email, personalized telephone qualifying and the proven selling skills of your sales force.
  • Reaches the specifiers and decision makers.
  • Opens more doors and generates more business.
  • Hammers home your message with crisp clarity.
  • Builds the rapport that leads to more successful sales calls.