Creative Services & Graphic Design

You have a product, service or program that the professional, manufacturing or distribution B2B community NEEDS to hear about. So how do you spread the word about the incredible opportunities you offer and increase sales? EJA can help create the discussion with your market makes it happen.

Empower your business with the tools necessary to be heard, be seen and be remembered. EJA offers comprehensive design and creative services that effectively present your organization in the best light and respond to every information need.


  • Advertising (print or online)
  • Printed materials (Presentation folders, fact sheets, Corporate/image brochures, white papers/technical sheets, newsletters, etc.)
  • Email Promotion (Planning, design and implementation)
  • Website Design
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Webcasts
  • Industrial Video

All designed to set you apart from your competition - by balancing form and function, unique design and captivating copy, all to make a statement, educate, inform, inspire and motivate.

Content Development Services

  • Create and distribute valuable, relevant, timely and consistent content.
  • Deliver quality information that makes your customers more informed and knowledgeable.
  • Attract and acquire a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.