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Create a Dialogue with your market with Content Development and Implementation from
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Everyone is talking CONTENT in marketing today. At Eric Jones & Associates, CONTENT has always been a natural part of our integrated Marketing Planning, Market Research, DirectContact™ Lead Qualifying, Customer Service and Marketing Implementation programs. After more than 30 years working in a wide variety of industrial, B2B and distribution segments, we know the challenge is in organizing the DEVELOPMENT:

  • The raw material is usually there (often in great abundance) but it has to be manipulated.
  • The systems are there (CRM and email management systems, tracking software, websites, etc.)
  • The organization’s desire to create the Content is there.

So, what is missing?

The TIME internally to identify, collect, interview, organize, copy write, edit and distribute the articles, Case Studies, E-Books, testimonials, press releases, eBlasts, Blogs, technical backgrounders, buyer’s guides, newsletters and E-Bulletins, website pages and more.

Over 54% of B2B marketers say creating engaging content is their biggest content marketing challenge, according to a new report from the Content Marketing Institute. The Aberdeen Group states only 32% of marketers say they are effectively executing enough content. Yet, content is the fuel for all of your marketing campaigns.

Put EJA’s Comprehensive, Systematic Approach to Content Development to Work for You

Our fully integrated content marketing approach creates Content That Connects with Your Audience!

  • We have the right tools to build dialogue, establish authority and inspire trust with your prospects and customers.
  • We have developed successful programs for a wide range of industries including: industrial machinery, medical, dental, tool and die, production machine shop, precision machining, automotive, sheet metal, printing press, lasers, distribution (health care, safety), consulting, associations, educational and many more.

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Customer Relationship Audits

  • Give your team a more complete insight into what prospects and customers want to buy from you.
  • Build stronger relationships with your key accounts.
  • Welcome and retain new accounts.
  • Recover your at-risk accounts.
  • Learn what you're doing right and where you could improve.
  • Find out if you have people or practices that threaten to unravel your existing relationships.

Key Account Audits

  • Explore how your key accounts judge your organization's performance.
  • Expose gaps between expected and actual performance.
  • Indicate where you need to take action to retain accounts that might otherwise be open to competitive encroachment.
  • Raise sensitive issues discreetly using objective, independent interviewers.
  • Outline the changes your organization should be planning now to be a vital partner to your key customers in the future.

New Account Audits

  • Reduce the high attrition rates with new accounts.
  • Set up on-going contact that makes new accounts feel appreciated.
  • Uncover new accounts expectations.
  • Profile communication preferences of each new contact person.
  • Monitor new customers regularly comparing your organization's performance versus their initial expectations.

At-Risk Account Audits

  • Expose the real issues.
  • Isolate and resolve communication-based problems.
  • Track account feedback until a healthy relationship is restored.

Post-Project Launch Audits

For project-oriented firms, EJA will interview your customer and your internal project participants to help you assess:

  • What worked.
  • What didn't.
  • Why.
  • Where fixes are needed now to reach the expected outcome.
  • How improvements could be made to your process next time.

Post-Product Launch Audits

If your firm launches new products or services periodically, EJA will interview your customers on:

  • Features.
  • Ease of use.
  • How accurately expectations were met.
  • How your product rates against the competition.
  • Suggested improvements or product extensions.

Exit Surveys

Unfortunately, every organization loses customers despite its best efforts. Don't just let them go!

  • Departing customers are more likely to respond honestly to questions from an independent researcher.
  • Learn where you could have improved or where you failed to meet their expectations.
  • Put this knowledge to use to retain those accounts still with you.
  • Utilize our experienced interviewers to defuse potentially explosive situations.

Loyalty Programs

  • Put your customer service findings to work with Business-Building Communication strategies, Cross-sell campaigns and Reward programs.
  • Proven tools and performance systems to ensure company growth, not stagnation.
  • Personalize every customer interaction.
  • Increase your bottom line.
  • Features.
  • Ease of use.
  • How accurately expectations were met.
  • How your product rates against the competition.
  • Suggested improvements or product extensions.

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